Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photos and "to do" list....

While I am sitting here at the repair shop (my truck needs new ball joints) I thought I would go ahead and do a post (wow....two in two days!) since I am going to be here for several hours.

How many of you are a "list" type of person?? Well, I am....I love lists! It is probably the only thing that keeps me sane and on task....we have so much going on in our daily life that if I do not make a "to do" list for the week (I usually do this after I do our menu on Sunday) something gets forgotten. I bought a little notebook w/3 sections and labeled one of the sections "to do". Whenever I leave the house to go run errands, I take my notebook with me and mark off each item as it is completed.This weeks list consist of 12 things....between yesterday and today I have managed to get 4 things marked off....it's a start. Tell me what you use for your "to do" list??

Here are a few pics of the girls and my nephew at Old McDonalds farm from last week:

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!

PS. If you are wondering what the deal is with the color of the some of the pics (some being brighter than the others)....the brighter ones are the ones that I edited with the photo application on my new computer.....

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