Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shutterfly Christmas Card offer

I saw on another blog that I read ( that Shutterfly ( is offering 50 free Christmas Cards!! Woo Hoo!! I started working on my Christmas card list last week and now just need to get a few pics of my girls in order to put on the card. I have never been a big Christmas card sender but am thinking that this year would be a good year to start. I have always loved getting them, just never been one to send them out. Do you send out Christmas cards?? If so, do you make your own or do you order them?

Speaking of my girls, as of yesterday, my husband and I officially became the parents of a TEENAGER!!! Yes, Kristyn turned 13 yesterday. LET THE FUN TIMES BEGIN!! Speaking of the teenager, I have to get off of here and go pick her up from basketball practice....hope everyone has a blessed ya later!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 has been a while.

I didn't realize how long it had been since I did a post....I apologize and will try to do better for those of you who actually read this. There has been alot that has went on since I last posted....summer came and went, we lost my aunt this summer unexpectedly due to a stroke, school started. Kristyn is now in the 7th grade and will be 13 tomorrow (boo hoo) and Ryleigh is now in the 3rd grade. Lordy, my girls are growing up and this momma doesn't know how to handle it. Both of the girls made honor roll the first 6 weeks and Kristyn made the 7A volleyball team at school....they were a great team and went undefeated and even won the district tournament. Now it is on to basketball....they started practice at school yesterday. In January she starts volleyball again for a traveling tournament team. I must say I am really looking forward to that. I have really grown to like volleyball, so has my husband. So much so that he likes to go watch the high school team play and he even watches college volleyball on tv. Something I NEVER would have expected. lol.....I am subbing at the school again and I do like it....I like the flexibility of being able to turn them down if I have something planned. I am also taking pictures for people and love it!! Well, I hate to cut this short, but I need to go outside and clean out my truck and then go get in line to get Ryleigh and then go to the Jr High and pick up Kristyn and the meat they sold for FFA....then back home to clean and mark some stuff off my evergrowing "to do" list....Am I the only one that has those??? :).....hope you have a blessed day!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Beginning

Ok, so I have had a few setbacks. We didn't get to have the garage sale due to rain, but we will. I received my Total Money Makeover book and workbook in the mail last week, but due to my Aunt having a stroke and then passing away a few days later, I did not get started reading it until today. I must say it is a very interesting book and really makes you think about the way you spend your money. I have started keeping a log of how much money I spend and where. I also sat down today and worked out a budget that I hope to stick to. My first step is going to be to get a $1000.00 Emergency fund. Once I have that done, I will start paying extra on my credit cards and hope to have those paid off within 6 weeks. After that, I will start on paying extra on the student loan that we had to take out to send our oldest daughter to Syl@n Learning Center....we don't want to talk about that....Once that expense is paid off, I will work on the trucks, then the trailer, then the mortgage. I am hoping to have the book finished by the end of the month and then beginning Aug 1, starting with my plan. I will keep you all updated!

What a Week....

WOW!! The last couple of weeks around here have not been the best. It all started with my aunt having a stroke and passing away several days later and all the stuff that goes along with that. My poor cousin, mother and grandparents are having a tough time with it. Aunt Gail will be missed. On top of that, it has rained and rained and rained some more. So needless to stay it is hot and humid!!

On a lighter note, how was your July 4th?? Ours was pretty nice. We went down to our neighbors house for food and fireworks. I hate buying fireworks. Yes, they are neat, pretty and all and they are fun for the kids. But I have such a hard time not thinking, "there goes money.....literally up in smoke!" Call me cheap, chinchy or whatever, but I am so determined to become debt free that I have a hard time justifying that kind of expense...and when I say "that kind of expense", I mean $100.00 worth!! Yes, the wonderful hubby spent $100.00 on FIREWORKS!

Speaking of being "debt free". I have started reading Dave Ramsey's, Total Money Makeover. It really is a good book and makes you think alot about the way you spend money. I plan on having the book finished by the end of the month, so that I can start in August on becoming debt free. I will be doing post documenting our "journey" to become debt free under the Total Money Makeover tab at the top of my blog. I hope you will follow along and maybe even join along.

I know I haven't posted any pics, but maybe I will get that accomplished along with some scrapbook layouts tomorrow since the girls are gone to their grandparents house and there is no telling when they will come back. Their grandparents live on the lake and have a blast while they are there. Well, it is going on 9:00 here and I am kinda tired, so I am going to get off of here. Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Much Going On....

Today was a pretty low key day...I only had a few things to get to the bank, cleaners, tax office, pick up girls, go wash truck.....I am proud to say that I did get all of that done and now here I am, sitting on the couch, watching Grey's Anatomy and blogging....Oh how I LOVE to read other blogs, if only I was better at posting to my own blog..ha! I am trying to do better, I promise. I found another blog that I really like and added it to my blog roll (Funky Junk Interiors).

Tomorrow is Kristyn's field trip to Nasa. I have been looking forward to this field trip for a while. The last time I went to NASA, I was in Jr High also. It is a field trip that I have always remembered. Ryleigh is a little bummed because I will not be able to be at her water day. This weekend will be filled up with softball. Ryleigh has a tournament and will be playing both days. There team is getting new uniforms, they are black/white/hot pink. I took her helmet to a guy and am having it repainted to match. Yes, I am one of those parents who likes for the helmets to match the uniform, I am goofy that way. lol...Well, gotta get off of here and get these kiddos in the bed....Night All....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beautiful Weather, Wonderful Life

The weather here in my little part of Texas has been absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! The last two weekends have been spent at HOME...just us. We have worked in the yard both weekends and I must say, we accomplished alot. My flower beds are now completely done and all I want now is a bird bath and one more sego palm. Now if I can just keep the dogs from digging in them (among other things...gross).

Last night after dinner and I cleaned up the kitchen I decided to go sit out on the porch and just enjoy the evening. A few minutes after I went out there, Ryleigh came out and asked, "what are you doing?", me: " nothing, just sitting out here, why?" Ryleigh: "oh, I just wanted to be wherever you are".....that is a comment I will NEVER forget and just one of the many reasons that I absolutely LOVE being a mom to two wonderful girls!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Need I say more??? Ryleigh and I are both fighting them and I am absolutely miserable today. Do you hear me?? ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!! My nose is stopped up, my throat & eyes are itchy and I am being lazy at the moment. Ryleigh has been coughing to the point that I think she is about to cough up a lung. I took her to the dr last week and they gave her a rx for Allegra which has not helped so I called them back yesterday and they have called her in an antibiotic that I have to go pick up today. That whole situation is a different story. Let's just say I was really aggravated last night around 8:00. Anyways....I took the girls to school this morning and ended up coming home and taking a nap from about 10:30-11:45. It is now 1:00 (cst) and I have done NOTHING today! I knew when I got home last night from Ryleigh's ball game that I should have taken a Zyrtec, but I didn't. That won't happen again!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What Have We Been Up To????

Well, we've been up to a little bit of everything.....softball, bluebonnets, roller skating, Texas A&M softball game, Old McDonalds farm, pond digging, making and enjoying a Redneck Waterslide and a photo shoot... Here are a few pics to show you....

The Redneck Waterslide....we are digging a 10ft deep pond and the girls decided to pour water down it and make a water slide out of it....they even pulled out the knee board that we use out on the lake and rode down the side on it....I must say it was really fun...I even got out there and did it but I am not going to post those pics :) BTW, I don't know why this is underlining...

Photo Shoot with Marissa

Texas Bluebonnets.....we stopped along the side of the road on our way home from the A&M softball game

We took Ryleigh's select softball team to see the A&M vs OU softball game and after the game the girls wanted to get autographs from the players....we all had such a good time and want to go back....Gig Em' Aggies!!

Of course there is always roller skating on Friday/Saturday nights....

We went to Old McDonalds farm one day....they have a playground, a train you can ride and you can also feed the animals....

And of course....softball. What can I say, I loved the sport when I was a kid and both of my girls love to play also. Kristyn decided not to play this year (she now regrets this decision), but Ryleigh plays league ball as well as select ball which is year round....

Ryleigh up to bat at one of the tournaments with her select team....The Ball Hawgz

and up to bat with the league team....The Heartbreakers
The Heartbreakers....Yes, Ryleigh and the girl 3rd from the left are the smallest on the team but they are also the youngest. Since they play year round we moved them up this year. Meaning we moved her up from 8 & under to 10 & under. I must say they both hang with the older girls and do just as good....

Well, I gotta go....Ryleigh has a game tonight and I have to get at ya later!! I am going to try to do better and post more often, but as you can see, we have been pretty busy!

Monday, March 29, 2010

McKay Menu Monday

Hello all!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend....I know we did. We spent most of it at softball games, but at least it was a beautiful weekend for it!! Anyhow, here is the McKay Menu for the week.....

Monday: hamburger helper (yea, I know...real nice DeAnna)

Tuesday: Ry has a game, so we will probably just get something in town...

Wednesday: chicken & rice, corn, mac & cheese

Thursday: spagetti & garlic bread

Friday: suppose to go to a crawfish boil (???)

Saturday: chicken & dumplings

Sunday: Easter...suppose to go to my parents house

Hope everyone has a great evening...I am headed to bed!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photos and "to do" list....

While I am sitting here at the repair shop (my truck needs new ball joints) I thought I would go ahead and do a post (wow....two in two days!) since I am going to be here for several hours.

How many of you are a "list" type of person?? Well, I am....I love lists! It is probably the only thing that keeps me sane and on task....we have so much going on in our daily life that if I do not make a "to do" list for the week (I usually do this after I do our menu on Sunday) something gets forgotten. I bought a little notebook w/3 sections and labeled one of the sections "to do". Whenever I leave the house to go run errands, I take my notebook with me and mark off each item as it is completed.This weeks list consist of 12 things....between yesterday and today I have managed to get 4 things marked's a start. Tell me what you use for your "to do" list??

Here are a few pics of the girls and my nephew at Old McDonalds farm from last week:

Hope everyone has a GREAT day!!!

PS. If you are wondering what the deal is with the color of the some of the pics (some being brighter than the others)....the brighter ones are the ones that I edited with the photo application on my new computer.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

McKay Menu Monday

Okay, I know it has been a LONG time since I have postd, but we have been extremely busy. I promise to try to do better. I am going to try to do another post tonight and post some pics of the girls and what they have been up to. Anyway, in regards to the title of this post, I have been thinking about doing this for a while but just have not done it. I have seen on other blogs where each Monday they do a "Menu Monday" post and list the things that they will be having for dinner each week. I get sooooo tired of cooking the same thing over and over again. I have gotten some good ideas off of these posts so I thought I would start mine this week. I made up my menu for the week earlier today and went to the grocery store and got all of the necessary stuff. I have been doing this or a while (making out a menu for the week) and it makes life soooo much easier when I know what I am going to cook and I know that I have the ingredients already. I usually try to do it on Sunday for the next week and that way I can go to the store on Monday and be done. So, without further is our menu for this week:

Monday: fried pork chops, homemade mac & cheese, green beans, rice & gravy

Tuesday: taco roll & spanish rice

Wednesday: lasagna & garlic bread

Thursday: hamburger meat/rotels/rice, shells and cheese (or homemade mac/chz)....we have softball practice this night so it has to be something quick and easy

Friday: not sure about this night...probably Subway since Ry has a softball game

Sat: roast w/potatoes, rice, green beans

Sun: leftover roast (Ry has a ball tournament all day)

So there you have it....our menu for this week.....done!

Oh, one more thing.....I have to let you know that I have the absolute best husband in the world....he took me to the store the other night and bought me this wonderful new device that I am typing this post on.....a MACBOOK PRO!!! I LOVE it!!! Now I just have to figure out all the little ins and outs to it....if any of you have one and can offer any words of wisdom, believe me, they would be greatly appreciated!

Well, time to get off of here and go get the girls from school...they went back today after being off for a week for Spring Break.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Snowing in Texas......again

I don't mean to seem ungrateful, but I am really sick of this weather. One day it is absolutely beautiful (this past Saturday) and then two days later it is snowing. This is Texas, east Texas at that and it never snows here. Well, this is the 3rd time since December 4 and frankly I am sick of it!! I WANT SPRING TIME AND I WANT IT QUICK! I don't know how people live in places that snows or is cold 90% of the time. I could not handle that. I am ready for days where I can get outside and work in the yard and plant some flowers in my flower bed and mow the yard. Yes, you read me correctly, I am ready to be able to MOW!! Everything around here is dead and the yard looks nasty because the grass is brown. Lord, I want green grass....please.

How has everyone been?? We have been really is a sample of our schedule:

Monday - Kristyn basketball practice
Tuesday - Ryleigh softball practice
Wednesday - church
Thursday - Ryleigh softball practice, Kristyn basketball practice
Friday - Ryleigh basketball practice
Saturday - basketball games, Ryleigh softball practice
Sunday - church, Ryleigh softball practice

Busy, busy, busy!! Ryleigh plays on two different softball teams, one is a league team and one is a select team that plays tournaments twice a month on the weekends. The league team will only be for a couple of months and luckily her coach is her coach for both teams so I don't have to worry about overlapping practices/games. Kristyn decided not to play softball this year so she is about to start doing gymnastics when basketball is over, which is in a couple of weeks. Needless to say I am thankful when something gets cancelled, like tonight...NO PLACE TO BE!! Thank God because I don't think I could handle sitting out in the cold. I am not one of those parents that sits in the warm vehicle while their child is out in the cold practicing. I figured if she can do it, I can too. Thankfully there has not been many of the cold practices but there has been alot of the scorching hot ones. I think last year was the absolute worst! It was so hot we were having to keep a cooler with ice & water mixed with Seabreeze (facial cleaner) in order to wipe the girls down with towels to keep them cooled down. Kristyn played catcher so she had all the gear on and I worried constantly about her.

Anyway, life is good and I wouldn't change a thing. My kids will only be little once and I know that once they are grown and gone, I will miss the days of running around constantly and never having a free day. I thank God everyday for the wonderful life that I have. I am truely blessed!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful evening.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids, the weekend & Dr Seuss

As you know, I have two girls whom I love more than anything!! Well, they are completely different in looks and personalities. Kristyn is the oldest and she is alot like me in the fact that she tends to not get upset or worked up over alot. She takes life as it comes and just deals with it. She was born with strawberry blond hair (when it finally decided to start coming in) and is tall with long legs. Ryleigh is the youngest and she is a "take charge" kind of person. She is VERY opinionated and will let you know exactly how she feels and what she thinks of any given situation. Be prepared when you ask her opinion!! She looks like me and acts like her dad. :) She is on the short side (like me) and has my dark hair. I am sitting here at the table typing this post, Kristyn is laying in my bed sick. She vomitted until 3:00 this morning...gotta love the stomach virus that has attacked her school! Ryleigh is taking a break from "teaching her students" and is making a pitcher of tea. Life here on the prairie has not been the greatest for the last couple of days. The weather is awful! It is cold, nasty and wet outside and I have a sick kid inside who desperately wants me to let her go to the Valentine's dance at school...Sorry! You can't go to school, you sure can't go to the dance. Not that I had intended on letting her go to school today anyway, but you get the point.
I have a very busy weekend this weekend. Tomorrow the girls have basketball games and we have to be at the school at 7:30 AM!!! uuuggghhh! After that I need to go clean my truck and get some groceries. The hubby has to be at the ball field for the softball/baseball drafts and then I have an Advocare mixer to go to tomorrow evening. Sunday we have church and Ryleigh has softball practice....I have to think of something to do on Monday because the girls are out of school...bad weather day....

This past Monday we had a PTO meeting at Ryleigh's school and since I am the secretary of the PTO, I have to go...anyway...this month we celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday with some of the teachers reading a book (5 in all) and the kids did an activity related to each are some pics of Ryleigh at the activities...Kristyn wasn't interested...afterall, she is in Jr High now.. :)

Listening to "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

Eating "green eggs and ham" after listening to the book.

Signing the birthday card for Dr Seuss that will be hung in the school on Dr Seuss' birthday. They listened to "Happy Birthday to You". That is Ry's friend Meghan beside her.

Making her feather headband after hearing "Gertrude McFuzz"

Kristyn and Joseph seem really interested in the book. I think they just came for the snacks!

Well, gotta sign off for now...need to take Ry to basketball practice! Have a great evening!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Do you need more energy?? Want to lose some weight?? Let me introduce you to a great product....ADVOCARE!!

Growing up, I never had a weight problem but once I had kids and then hit 30, my metabolism changed and I put on weight. I could never seem to get the weight off and did not like the way that I looked or felt. I had no energy and did not like the way that my clothes fit. A friend of mine who is a distributor for the Advocare products sent me a sample of the Spark energy drink and I was hooked!! I felt a difference in about 20 min. I did not have the jittery feeling that you get with alot of energy drinks and I did not have the tired effect after the drink wore off (after about 5 hrs). The day after trying the Spark, I set up a meeting with my friend and spent 3 hours talking to her about Advocare. Later that week, I signed up to become a distributor and am well on my way to getting the weight off!!! I started the 24 Day Challenge on 1/24/10. This started with the 10 day cleanse and then went into the weight loss portion of the challenge on 2/3/10. Since 2/3/10, I have lost 4 lbs. I have stopped drinking Dr Pepper and drink water all day. This is a major accomplishment in itself because I never drank anything except Dr Pepper. Since I started with Advocare, my husband has started taking the products along with a guy he works with, and a couple of my friends.

With Advocare not only do I feel better, but I am on my way to becoming debt free. Advocare has a Debtbuster program that is free to Advocare distributors and will help you become debt free also!! By becoming a distributor you get a 20% discount immediately and can work up to as much as a 40% discount. By becoming an Advisor you can earn income 5 different ways. You can also earn bonuses as well as free trips!! Let 2010 be the year that YOU start feeling better!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Please PRAY!!!

Please pray for a dear family that is loosing their young daughter to a terrible disease, Battens Disease. Little Emma has been fighting this terrible disease for a few years now. Her parents have a blog, Especially Fond Of You, where they have been updating her status among other things. I just read a post from her dad that indicated that she now has pneaumonia and is not doing well. I know that this family has a great faith in God, but nobody wants to loose a child. I just pray that God puts a hedge of protection around this family as they go through such a difficult time. You can get to their blog by clicking on the link that is on the righthand side of my blog.

Also, please pray for my daughters 6th grade class. They lost one of their classmates day before yesterday to a terrible accident. The viewing is tomorrow and the funeral is Sunday.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wonderful Weekend Recap

What a great weekend! Friday I had to sub at the Jr high andRyleigh had her first basketball practice. Saturday afternoon we went over to Heath and Lisa's house. Heath and Doodle grew up together and Heath's oldest son and our daughter, Kristyn are exactly 1 month apart. Heath's youngest son and our youngest daughter, Ryleigh are 6 months apart. The last time that I had seen Heath's boys was too long ago to remember and the kids had never met. Anyway, we went over there and ate dinner. We got home around 10:00 and I dropped Doodle off at home and then took Kristyn to an all night skate at the skating rink and then I came home and crawled into bed.

I had made another New Year's resolution that I was going to get back into church and I figured there is no time like the present! I had such a great day. Doodle was unable to make it to church because a guy was coming over to buy one of our boats (Thank you Jesus) but Ryleigh and I went (Kristyn was sleeping..recovering from her night out) and after church a little friend of hers came home with us and we went to the grocery times! The service was great. Our Pastor talked about how we are all given "gifts" and in order to use the gift that we are given we have to be in the will of God and walking the walk. If or when we get out of the will of God (which I must admit I have done lately) the gift is still there for us when we decide to get back into God's will and do what He wants us to do instead of what we feel we need to do. For me, it is so easy for me to say, "I am going to stay home this Sunday, I will go next Sunday", but I don't. When I am in church and I don't mean just going to Sundays, I mean actively involved in church, I can tell such a difference in my life. God has blessed me with a healthy family, the ability to be a stay at home mom, a husband who loves me faults and all and works so hard to provide for our faimly and too many other things to mention. I owe Him so much but I will NEVER be able to repay Him for all that He has done for little, old me....What can I say....I love HIM! Today was the start of me getting my life back into the perfect will of God.

Well, tomorrow I am getting back on my 2010 "clean up and clean out" campaign. I plan on tackleing the laundry room and the dressers and closets....I'll let ya know how that goes... :)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let The Organizing Begin!!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my New Years resolutions was going to be to get this house organized....clean up and clean out is my new motto.
Well, in Sundays Houston Chronicle there it was......a brown paperbag with big, bold, black writing, "15% off EVERYTHING you can fit into this bag"....from Office Max!!! Woo Hoo....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the office supply store!! I have always had a thing for office supplies...all the pens, paper, sticky notes, get the picture. Needless to say, I ventured out at 9:00 yesterday morning and headed to Office Max with my brown paper bag. I swear, I think I heard the Angels sing when I walked in!! I grabbed my buggy and off I went...this is what I came home with

Excuse the blue rubbermaid box, I put the Christmas tree in it and have not managed to get it into the top of the closet yet. Anyway. Back to Office Max and my organization quest. I ended up getting a filing cabinet (they even gave me 15% off of it even though it wouldn't fit in the, a new calculator, label maker (which I absolutely love!), file folders, hanging files, pens, highlighters, a new organizer and refills to go in it, a cute pink leather expandable file with MATCHING file folders!! Then I headed down to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had never been in that store before but I must say....LOVE IT!! I got 5 black canvas baskets there (they are hard to see in the pic, but they are on top of the file cabinet box). I got home around noon and immediately got started on the hutch that holds some of my scrapbooking supplies (see pic from previous post). Here is the new, organized hutch

As you can see, I put the label maker to use! Now all (or most) of my scrapbooking supplies are located in ONE, organized spot! I want to go back to BB&B to get 2 more of the black baskets to go on the botton shelf and I have another black/white photo box that I am going to transfer the pics from the white, pink, yellow one. Then not only will it be organized and labeled, it will also be color coordinated! Yea, I know it may be a little overboard, but it is driving me crazy that it does not match. That tote and basket on the bottom shelf look so out of place.

I also used the label maker to make folders for all of our important papers (taxes, life insurance policies, bills, bank stmts, titles, etc) and filed them in my new filing cabinet. So far I am on a roll with this organizing quest! I also managed to go through out medicine cabinet and clean it out and reorgainze it. All of the cold meds, pain meds, allergy meds are each in there own container and LABELED!! I did not take a picture of it prior to getting started, but trust me, it was a sight to behold! I looks sooooo much better now. Today I am going to work on cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and reorganizing them. Wish me luck.....Hope you have a great day and stay warm for those of you who are experiencing this ridiculously cold has not been this cold in our part of Texas in 15 years!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Stay tuned....more to come on this tomorrow.....

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Two blogs that I read both had posts regarding a free 8x10 canvas photo from the following website I just ordered mine from this photo of the girls.

You do have to pay for shipping, but that was only 14.95....well, gotta get back to cleaning out the hutch that all my scrapbooking stuff is in.....

Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years 2010 & Texas Weather

Our New Years was spent at Sam Rayburn relaxing....just the 4 of us. It was so great. Until Doodle blew a hole in the motor of the boat...oh well, life goes on. Since the boat is out of commission, maybe I can get him to get started on cleaning out the barn. He seems to collect alot of, well, let's just call it "stuff". It's a new year, so time to clean up and clean out!!

The girls go back to school tomorrow so life should be back to normal...whatever that is! Ryleigh spent today with her friend going to the movies, lunch and then ice skating. Kristyn and I went to the bank, had lunch and then went to Office Max. I must admit, I sure am going to miss spending the days with my girls! Tomorrow I plan to get busy with one of my new years resolutions to get organized. I am going to start with all of my cabinets. It's a start. After I get everything cleaned up and cleaned out, I will probably make a run to Office Max in order to get some type of filing cabinet. I need something to file all of out important papers and tax returns in. right now they are just filed in a hutch ( if anyone has any suggestions, please fill free to share)...However, I may put that off as long as possible because I am not looking forward to the weather this week here in Texas. It never got out of the 40's today. This is TEXAS for crying out loud. We are not used to this cold weather!! As you can see, I am not a cold weather person. I mean, as I sit here my feet are freezing and I have 2 pairs of socks on, not to mention the thermostat is set on about 74! So needless to say, I do not plan on getting out of the house except to take the girls to school and pick them up (hopefully the school will not call me to sub). Well, I need to get off of here so that I can get my kiddos to bed so they will get up tomorrow. That should be interesting!! Ryleigh is already complaining that she has a headache....