Sunday, May 31, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy....

It's been over a week since I last posted, but I have been very busy. I finally got my truck back, only to have to put it back in the shop tomorrow to have the converter checked....ugghhh!!! Anyways, Friday was the last day of school for the girls, they were so excited to get out. Kristyn asked me to come up to her school because they were playing outside all day so I went up there and stayed until she got out of school at 1:10. Ryleigh's class didn't even have an end of the year party, so a friend of mine and I went over and checked Ryleigh and Cole (her son) out of school and took them over to Kristyn's school to play. Then we went over to Carl & Brandy Tyler's house and the girls swam. Kristyn and Ryleigh ended up going and spending the night with Patience and Montana. Yesterday was closing ceremonies for softball, Kristyn made Allstars, so we start those practices tomorrow. After closing ceremonies, we went over to my parents house for the Adoption Shower/Crawfish boil for my sister, her husband and Roxi. They had a real good turn out and it was alot of fun. Patience and Montana went with us and afterwards, I took them to the show. Last night, Patience, Montana and Lindsey ended up spending the night. I think they finally went to sleep around 1:00 this morning. Today I am washing clothes and picking up around here. Doodle is over at Bubba & Tammey's working on his Samuri and then going to a coaches meeting at 3:00. So, needless to say, it has been a pretty busy weekend, but a fun one. Well, the dryer just stopped, so I gotta go.....

Stay Blessable!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Foot

OK, so it is now Wednesday and I still do not have my truck back, nor have I heard from the guy who is fixing it...never a good sign. Hopefully he will be able to get to it today to figure out how much this is gonna cost me. Since I am without a vehicle this week, I did manage to get outside yesterday and get the first coat of paint on the porch....It looks better already!! Ryleigh had a game last night, so I had to quit painting. I didn't figure she would appreciate me going to the ball park covered in paint. Today my friend Bonnie came and got me and we ran to town to get the stuff for Ry's team party tonight (her daughter is on the same team). Tomorrow I plan on getting the second coat of paint on the porch and hopefully get the yard mowed. We had wanted to go to Wolf Creek Park after the girls games on Saturday for the long weekend, but they are all booked. We might go out there and spend one day on the lake. Who knows. Maybe I can get the trailer cleaned out before we take it out of town in June. I would also love for Doodle to get the roof of the porch fixed. Plus, Kristyn is wanting to go to the movies this weekend. Maybe we will be able to get everything done...who knows. I have all these plans and it seems like there is never enough hours during the day to complete them. Oh well, there is always the next day.

Stay Blessable!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty nice weekend....Friday was Ryleigh's water day at school, so I went up there and watched her play on the water slide and do the water games and then ate lunch with her. After that, Doodle and I took my truck to the shop because it has started vibrating. We ended up putting it in the shop for the transmission. Granted, we just got Doodle's out of the shop last on Monday or Tuesday after being there for two weeks getting his transmission rebuilt. So, guess who is without a vehicle.....ME!! That means I will be here cleaning and doing other fun stuff :) Kristyn's field day is this week, so hopefully I will have my truck back so that I can go to it. On Saturday we spent the whole day (7 1/2 hrs to be exact) at the ball field for games. Kristyn had one and Ryleigh had two. After that, we came home, I had a splitting headache and just layed around for the rest of the evening. Yesterday we went to church and then out to lunch with friends and then came home. Pretty uneventful.
On another note, my last post indicated that I was going to make a list and start working towards some goals that I had. Well, I got the list done and I actually went and bought the paint to paint the porch. Since the cold front came through Saturday evening and it is supposed to be absolutely beautiful this week and I don't have a vehicle, it seems like the perfect opportunity to actually get the front porch painted. When Doodle gets home, I am going to ask him to pull out the air compressor and the paint gun so I can get that done tomorrow. You didn't actually think I was gonna paint the whole porch with a brush did you??? I did that ONCE, won't do it again!! Well, I am going to get off of here and get the house picked up and start some clothes washing. I will leave you with some pictures of Ryleigh's water day.
Stay Blessable!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Goals and Motivation

This past week I have had a problem with motivation. There is so much that I want to get done, but just cannot seem to get motivated to do it. I have goals that I want to reach, but again, can't get motivated to even start doing what it takes to reach them. For instance, here are just a few things that I want to get done:

  • paint the front porch
  • paint the bedrooms & bathrooms
  • plant some flowers/shrubs
  • clean out barn
Those are just a few....I have decided to start a list of my goals and things I want to do and keep track of where I am on reaching them. I need something that shows me I am starting to accomplish something. I am determined to start on this and get some things done. I will work on the list this weekend and start working towards the goals next week....