Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Photography & Scrapbooking

OK....these are two of my favorite things. I have decided to try to make a little money at doing two of the things that I love. I am signing up this month to become a consultant for Close to my Heart, which is a company that sells scrapbooking products. I have been going to two scrap nights held by ladies in my area and really like their products. I have already talked to a few friends and they have agreed to host a party to get me started. I am also going to try to make a little money at photography. My best friends daughter is a senior this year and I am going to take her senior pictures. Now we just have to coordinate a time. Marissa participates in High School rodeo and has rodeos on the weekend and my Ryleigh has softball tournaments, so we are going to have to find a time when we are both free. I thought about trying to make it to one of her rodeos and get pictures of her in action. That would be pretty neat. I need to get some type of photoshop program and have been looking at the Adobe Photoshop 7. The reviews for it are pretty good. I need somethings to try to keep me busy. I have signed up to substitute teach as well as signed up to be the secretary for the PTO at our primary school. So hopefully, between all of this, I will stay busy and maybe make a little extra money....we will see!!

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Momma Such said...

Sounds great!
I am trying to get into photography as well. I do pics for family and friends for free right now, but I would like to start getting some paid jobs. After hearing people tell you that you should do it as a job you have to take their advice one day, right? I wish you the best of luck! What type of camera are you using? I hope to get a new one soon!