Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Need I say more??? Ryleigh and I are both fighting them and I am absolutely miserable today. Do you hear me?? ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE!! My nose is stopped up, my throat & eyes are itchy and I am being lazy at the moment. Ryleigh has been coughing to the point that I think she is about to cough up a lung. I took her to the dr last week and they gave her a rx for Allegra which has not helped so I called them back yesterday and they have called her in an antibiotic that I have to go pick up today. That whole situation is a different story. Let's just say I was really aggravated last night around 8:00. Anyways....I took the girls to school this morning and ended up coming home and taking a nap from about 10:30-11:45. It is now 1:00 (cst) and I have done NOTHING today! I knew when I got home last night from Ryleigh's ball game that I should have taken a Zyrtec, but I didn't. That won't happen again!

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Barbara said...

Morning...Sorry your are suffering and that I am so late getting here. Hope both of you are feeling better now and you are up and about.