Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let The Organizing Begin!!!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that one of my New Years resolutions was going to be to get this house organized....clean up and clean out is my new motto.
Well, in Sundays Houston Chronicle there it was......a brown paperbag with big, bold, black writing, "15% off EVERYTHING you can fit into this bag"....from Office Max!!! Woo Hoo....I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the office supply store!! I have always had a thing for office supplies...all the pens, paper, sticky notes, get the picture. Needless to say, I ventured out at 9:00 yesterday morning and headed to Office Max with my brown paper bag. I swear, I think I heard the Angels sing when I walked in!! I grabbed my buggy and off I went...this is what I came home with

Excuse the blue rubbermaid box, I put the Christmas tree in it and have not managed to get it into the top of the closet yet. Anyway. Back to Office Max and my organization quest. I ended up getting a filing cabinet (they even gave me 15% off of it even though it wouldn't fit in the, a new calculator, label maker (which I absolutely love!), file folders, hanging files, pens, highlighters, a new organizer and refills to go in it, a cute pink leather expandable file with MATCHING file folders!! Then I headed down to Bed, Bath & Beyond. I had never been in that store before but I must say....LOVE IT!! I got 5 black canvas baskets there (they are hard to see in the pic, but they are on top of the file cabinet box). I got home around noon and immediately got started on the hutch that holds some of my scrapbooking supplies (see pic from previous post). Here is the new, organized hutch

As you can see, I put the label maker to use! Now all (or most) of my scrapbooking supplies are located in ONE, organized spot! I want to go back to BB&B to get 2 more of the black baskets to go on the botton shelf and I have another black/white photo box that I am going to transfer the pics from the white, pink, yellow one. Then not only will it be organized and labeled, it will also be color coordinated! Yea, I know it may be a little overboard, but it is driving me crazy that it does not match. That tote and basket on the bottom shelf look so out of place.

I also used the label maker to make folders for all of our important papers (taxes, life insurance policies, bills, bank stmts, titles, etc) and filed them in my new filing cabinet. So far I am on a roll with this organizing quest! I also managed to go through out medicine cabinet and clean it out and reorgainze it. All of the cold meds, pain meds, allergy meds are each in there own container and LABELED!! I did not take a picture of it prior to getting started, but trust me, it was a sight to behold! I looks sooooo much better now. Today I am going to work on cleaning out the kitchen cabinets and reorganizing them. Wish me luck.....Hope you have a great day and stay warm for those of you who are experiencing this ridiculously cold has not been this cold in our part of Texas in 15 years!!

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