Monday, February 8, 2010


Do you need more energy?? Want to lose some weight?? Let me introduce you to a great product....ADVOCARE!!

Growing up, I never had a weight problem but once I had kids and then hit 30, my metabolism changed and I put on weight. I could never seem to get the weight off and did not like the way that I looked or felt. I had no energy and did not like the way that my clothes fit. A friend of mine who is a distributor for the Advocare products sent me a sample of the Spark energy drink and I was hooked!! I felt a difference in about 20 min. I did not have the jittery feeling that you get with alot of energy drinks and I did not have the tired effect after the drink wore off (after about 5 hrs). The day after trying the Spark, I set up a meeting with my friend and spent 3 hours talking to her about Advocare. Later that week, I signed up to become a distributor and am well on my way to getting the weight off!!! I started the 24 Day Challenge on 1/24/10. This started with the 10 day cleanse and then went into the weight loss portion of the challenge on 2/3/10. Since 2/3/10, I have lost 4 lbs. I have stopped drinking Dr Pepper and drink water all day. This is a major accomplishment in itself because I never drank anything except Dr Pepper. Since I started with Advocare, my husband has started taking the products along with a guy he works with, and a couple of my friends.

With Advocare not only do I feel better, but I am on my way to becoming debt free. Advocare has a Debtbuster program that is free to Advocare distributors and will help you become debt free also!! By becoming a distributor you get a 20% discount immediately and can work up to as much as a 40% discount. By becoming an Advisor you can earn income 5 different ways. You can also earn bonuses as well as free trips!! Let 2010 be the year that YOU start feeling better!!

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