Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids, the weekend & Dr Seuss

As you know, I have two girls whom I love more than anything!! Well, they are completely different in looks and personalities. Kristyn is the oldest and she is alot like me in the fact that she tends to not get upset or worked up over alot. She takes life as it comes and just deals with it. She was born with strawberry blond hair (when it finally decided to start coming in) and is tall with long legs. Ryleigh is the youngest and she is a "take charge" kind of person. She is VERY opinionated and will let you know exactly how she feels and what she thinks of any given situation. Be prepared when you ask her opinion!! She looks like me and acts like her dad. :) She is on the short side (like me) and has my dark hair. I am sitting here at the table typing this post, Kristyn is laying in my bed sick. She vomitted until 3:00 this morning...gotta love the stomach virus that has attacked her school! Ryleigh is taking a break from "teaching her students" and is making a pitcher of tea. Life here on the prairie has not been the greatest for the last couple of days. The weather is awful! It is cold, nasty and wet outside and I have a sick kid inside who desperately wants me to let her go to the Valentine's dance at school...Sorry! You can't go to school, you sure can't go to the dance. Not that I had intended on letting her go to school today anyway, but you get the point.
I have a very busy weekend this weekend. Tomorrow the girls have basketball games and we have to be at the school at 7:30 AM!!! uuuggghhh! After that I need to go clean my truck and get some groceries. The hubby has to be at the ball field for the softball/baseball drafts and then I have an Advocare mixer to go to tomorrow evening. Sunday we have church and Ryleigh has softball practice....I have to think of something to do on Monday because the girls are out of school...bad weather day....

This past Monday we had a PTO meeting at Ryleigh's school and since I am the secretary of the PTO, I have to go...anyway...this month we celebrated Dr Seuss' birthday with some of the teachers reading a book (5 in all) and the kids did an activity related to each are some pics of Ryleigh at the activities...Kristyn wasn't interested...afterall, she is in Jr High now.. :)

Listening to "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish"

Eating "green eggs and ham" after listening to the book.

Signing the birthday card for Dr Seuss that will be hung in the school on Dr Seuss' birthday. They listened to "Happy Birthday to You". That is Ry's friend Meghan beside her.

Making her feather headband after hearing "Gertrude McFuzz"

Kristyn and Joseph seem really interested in the book. I think they just came for the snacks!

Well, gotta sign off for now...need to take Ry to basketball practice! Have a great evening!

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