Thursday, September 29, 2011

I Soooooo Need To Lose Some Weight!!

Hey all....sorry I did not post yesterday, it was a busy day for me! After my morning appointment, I ran errands until I had to go pick up Ryleigh from school. We came home for a little bit and then had to go pick up Kristyn from volleyball practice, ran home so she could change, stopped and got her boyfriend, met some friends in town and then took 15 kids to a carnival in a neighboring town...we got home late and my allergies were kicking my butt from being in the area where they show, I had a pretty rough night last night!

You my be wondering what that has to do with the title of this post and really it has nothing to do with it, but my morning appointment yesterday has EVERYTHING to do with it. You see, I weigh more now than the day I delivered both of my kids! UUGGHH!! So, yesterday I went and joined Weight Watchers! Yep, sure did!! My friend Salina joined a few weeks ago so we are going to go to the meeting together and help hold each other accountable. I am the type of person who has no self discipline, plus I hate to do this type of stuff alone. I have tried but I just can't stay committed. On my way home I stopped in at the local YMCA to see what they had to offer for workouts. They have different classes everyday of the week, so everyday after I drop my girls off at school, I am going to go to the YMCA and workout. On Wednesday of each week, I am going to go to Kingwood for my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in and meeting and then stop by the YMCA on my way home and work out for an hour. I am going to lose this weight...I have to...I don't like the way I look and I need more energy. So dear readers (all 5 of weight this week is.....142.6....yes, I am posting it here for all of you to see! I have an ultimate goal in mind, but am not ready to share that just yet...maybe in a few weeks. For now, I am setting a small goal of 5 lbs...My plan is on Wednesday of each week to have Wednesday Weekly Weight Watchers Weigh In post to document my weight loss journey...I hope you all stick around for it.

Well, I need to cut this short because I have to take Kristyn's spirit sticks to the school along with the cheerleaders snack bags for the games tonight. Until next time, have a blessed day!!

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