Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hi all!!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend!! The weather here in my part of The Lone Star State was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Perfect if I may say! Well, to recap our weekend....Saturday my Kristyn had a volleyball tournament, they did really well and took home the second place trophy. Afterwards we came home and Ryleigh went to her friends house and Kristyn and Doodle went hunting (this weekend was opening weekend of bow season). They didn't get anything but oh well, plenty of time to hunt. I stayed home and enjoyed an evening by myself. Sunday, Kristyn and Doodle got up early and went hunting and Ryleigh had spent the night with her friend. I got up, went to church, then to the grocery store and then came home and cleaned house. Everyone got home around 8:00, got baths, ate and called it a night around 9:30. All in all, it was a great weekend.

On the weight loss home front, it hasn't been a week since I started Weight W@tchers, but so far I feel like I have done pretty good. I am eating alot of bananas and frozen grapes, drinking water and keeping track of my points. I know that days where we have volleyball tournaments is going to be a difficult day and that I am going to have to manage my "extra points" closely for those weeks. I am a little worried about the weigh in this week, but only because I had a visitor come on Friday (you ladies know who I am talking about) and I retain water for that week. Hopefully with all the water I have been drinking it will help. I was going to go join the YMCA today but Doodle had a procedure done on his leg last Friday and it cost more than I thought it would so the money I had budgeted for the Y went to that. The weather this weekend has really prompted me to go get a bike and I saw one at Walmart a couple of weeks ago that I just fell in love with. Maybe I will go back and get it....who knows.

Well, that is about all I have...gotta start getting ready for my day....Kristyn has a volleyball game tonight and I want to get the sheets washed and back on the beds and the girls bathroom cleaned.... Hope you all have a blessed day!!

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