Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On Foot

OK, so it is now Wednesday and I still do not have my truck back, nor have I heard from the guy who is fixing it...never a good sign. Hopefully he will be able to get to it today to figure out how much this is gonna cost me. Since I am without a vehicle this week, I did manage to get outside yesterday and get the first coat of paint on the porch....It looks better already!! Ryleigh had a game last night, so I had to quit painting. I didn't figure she would appreciate me going to the ball park covered in paint. Today my friend Bonnie came and got me and we ran to town to get the stuff for Ry's team party tonight (her daughter is on the same team). Tomorrow I plan on getting the second coat of paint on the porch and hopefully get the yard mowed. We had wanted to go to Wolf Creek Park after the girls games on Saturday for the long weekend, but they are all booked. We might go out there and spend one day on the lake. Who knows. Maybe I can get the trailer cleaned out before we take it out of town in June. I would also love for Doodle to get the roof of the porch fixed. Plus, Kristyn is wanting to go to the movies this weekend. Maybe we will be able to get everything done...who knows. I have all these plans and it seems like there is never enough hours during the day to complete them. Oh well, there is always the next day.

Stay Blessable!

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