Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Supplies and Brownies

I just spent about 3 hours looking for these

tabbed dividers WITH pockets. Kristyn needed these for her math class. I went to 5 different stores trying to find them. I finally found them at an office supply store in Baytown...the last package. I love to buy school supplies...all the cute folders, notebooks, pencils....but having to go to 5 different stores for tabbed index dividers with pockets is a little excessive. I think that for the hard to find items (12x18 manilla paper, graph paper with 1 cm squares, etc) the school should order them and let the parents pay the school. But that is just my opinion. So, after 1/2 day looking for these little jewels, I think I will eat one, maybe two of these...

I made these for the girls yesterday. I was going to do it the day before, but got sidetracked. Anyway, they turned out REALLY good. The girls were really excited about them when they got home yesterday. Well, I need to put up all the clothes that I washed and folded yesterday and maybe do a little scrapbooking before the girls get home. Have a blessed day!

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Hollye said...

Do you remember when we were in school and you had to option to bring your own school supplies or pay the school a flat free and that covered your school supplies? Why don't they do that anymore?