Saturday, August 29, 2009


I love to scrapbook,however, I don't do it as much as I would like. Well, a couple of weeks ago I started going to a scrapbook get-together with a bunch of ladies from my community. One class meets the 2nd Friday of each month and the other one meets the 4th Friday of the month. Let me just say....I LOVE THIS!!!! We use the Close to my Heart products and for $5.00 we make a two page layout. I love it so much that next month I am going to sign up to be a consultant. I can't wait!! I have already got two people who said that they will host a party. I am hoping to start a Hostess Club where 12 people agree to "host" a month where we will get together and make a two page layout. Each hostess that signs up will agree to spend at least $25.00 a month and whoever is hosting that particular month will get all the benefits from the sales at that particular gathering. All they have to do is provide snacks and drinks. This gives me something to do and gets me out of the house for a couple of hours a few times a month. Here are a few of the layouts that we have done so far.

This one is actually turned sideways in this should be straight up and down...

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Lianna Knight said...

How cute!! I so wish you lived closer to me :)