Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally, a break....

Well, we are finally home from Kristyn's All Star tournament in Crowley, Louisiana. The girls did not do as well as we had hoped, but Kristyn did great. She plays catcher and let me tell you, it was HOT, HOT, HOT out there. Secretly, I am glad that they did not make it to Nationals. That tournament is going to be in Harlingen and lasts a week. That is entirely too long to be sitting out in the Texas heat!! So, now that we are back home and no longer have summer school in the morning and practice in the afternoon, our days have been pretty relaxed. I am caught up on washing my clothes, thanks to the new washer and dryer that I got last week. I absolutely LOVE them!!! The house is pretty much cleaned with the exception of my bedroom which is always the catch all. I am going to get in there today and get it cleaned. We are going to San Antonio on Friday to get the new boat, so Doodle is really excited about that. I am not excited about making that trip in one day. But Doodle wants to go and come back on Friday so that we can take the boat out this weekend. I understand his excitement, but dang. The good thing about going up that way is that we will stop at Buccee's and I can get some Beaver Nuggets....YUMMY!! Well, I need to get off of here so that I can make my "to do" list for the rest of today and tomorrow.

Stay Blessable!!

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