Friday, July 31, 2009

It's that time of the year....again

To start planning for school to start, birthdays & Christmas. WOW!! Why does it all have to hit at the end of the year?? Kids starting school and the expense of that, birthdays (Aug, Oct, Nov, Dec & Jan) and that expense and then there is Christmas. I sure wish I could win the lottery, but I guess in order to have a chance to win it, I would have to play it. I would just as soon go to Louisiana. Anyway, I have been sitting here figuring out my budget for the remainder of the year and making my Christmas/Birthday list. I usually don't even start shopping until the day after Thanksgiving. It is a tradition with me, my mom, grandmother and aunt. But since I am not working anymore I am hoping to start a little earlier this year and do some shopping online, which might I add, I never do....maybe a couple of times, but just off of Ebay. So, I am need of some websites that are good for shopping. So, any ideas are greatly appreciated. Heck, any ideas for specific gifts would be even better. My list has ages of 9 mths up into the 80's.....the girls have managed to come up with a few ideas....laptop, new bedding, cd's, clothes....and the list goes on....and on.....and on....

Stay Blessable!!

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