Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boat Fever....

Remember when I mentioned that the guys got "boat fever" when we went to the Skeeter tournament. Well, Doodle's fever broke, but only after he got a new (not brand new) 20 ft Skeeter bass boat. Now we have to sale the one that we have. We drove up to San Antonio on Friday to look at the boat that we found on Craigslist and ended up getting it. We go pick it up weekend after next after we get done with the softball tournament. It is really nice and rides alot better than the 17 ft boat that we have now. Plus it has more room for all of us. I can't wait to get it and take it out on the lake. I will post pictures once we get the boat. Speaking of the lake, we leave tomorrow for Sam Rayburn for the long 4th of July weekend. I am so ready!! Kristyn and I went and got all of the grocery shopping done today and got all of the stuff loaded up in the trailer so that we are ready to go when Doodle gets home from work tomorrow. Have I mentioned that I HATE to go grocery shopping?? Well, I do. I put it off until I absolutely have to go (meaning we have nothing to eat in the house) and then I kick myself in the butt because I end up spending so much dang money...anyway, I digress. What was I talking about??? Oh, this weekend. the girls are really looking forward to going out on the lake and riding the knee board. A couple of guys that doodle works with and their families are going, so it should be alot of fun. One guys wife just bought a jet ski and he mentioned to Doodle that the girls could ride it if they wanted. Personally, I think that will be a big mistake because Kristyn will end up thinking that we need to buy one of those too. Maybe that would not be so bad :) Well, I think I will close out this post, gotta wash some clothes and get ready to go to the ball park for Kristyn's practice. Have a great 4th of July weekend and be careful.

Stay Blessable!

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