Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Volleyball, Aggieland & Donkeys

That is one heck of a title, I know, but that is exactly what our weekend consisted of.

On Friday we headed up to College Station to stay with a friend of ours because Kristyn was playing volleyball in the Aggieland Classic. They did pretty good, they could have done better, but oh well. On Friday after we got there and got settled in we went to eat at Freebirds, it was really good. After that we went back to Kerri's at got caught up. Doodle and Kerri grew up together and she has two boys that are close to my girls ages. On Saturday we were at the volleyball tournament all day. When we got back to Kerri's we ate spagetti and watched a movie and ended up to going to bed pretty early. Sunday we got up, went to Aggieland Outfitters & Traditions and bought some shirts and stuff, went to the campus and took some pics, went to Los Cucos to eat lunch then went down to Spoons for some yogurt. After all of that we came home. It was alot of fun and we are looking to forward to maybe going back during Spring Break when all the flowers and trees have bloomed and take more pics at the A&M campus. If you have never been to College Station, it is really a fun and neat place to go. A typical college town. There is every possible store, resteraunt, and activity to be done.

On Monday, Kristyn had volleyball practice from 6-9, so Ryleigh and I went to the Donkey Basketball game (no animals were hurt or injured during this game). The Seniors at our high school do this fundraiser for Project Graduation where for the first half the juniors play against the seniors and the second half it is the parents who play. There are rules. 1) you must be on your donkey when you pass or shoot the ball 2) you can walk your donkey only if the ball is on the ground and you are going after it. We only stayed for the first half because it was getting kind of boring so we went back to the volleyball practice.

This week has not started going so well, but more on that tomorrow....for now, here are some pics ( I only took a few of the volleyball because the seating was awful, either the girls backs were to us or they were on the other side and the net was in the way)....I need to get off of here and fix dinner (enchiladas and spanish rice) and stay warm....it is COLD here in the state of Texas!! Hope you have a wonderful evening!

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