Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illness & Honor Roll

Hello all....sorry it has been a few days since I have posted but I ended up getting sick and am just now getting on my computer. I have some kind of head cold with coughing, stuffy nose & cough, not to mention no voice...I am pretty sure my husband is enjoying that part :).Needless to say, my house has been a wreck and supper has been "eat what you can find, cause momma ain't cookin". Everyone is still alive and hasn't loss too much weigh. lol. Anyways, I made myself get up and get out today because I needed to go to the cleaners, get a propane bottle filled for the travel trailer and go to Ryleigh's awards ceremony for making Honor Roll, not to mention, my nails and toes were in desperate need of some TLC. Both of my girls made honor roll this past six weeks and I am so proud of them. Kristyn has perfect attendance for the year so far and Ryleigh would have had perfect attendance for the 6 weeks had she not gotten the flu. Oh well, maybe this 6 weeks will be different. She did get a free kids meal from Ranch Hand and is excited about that. Maybe tomorrow we will go out for dinner while Kristyn is at her school dance. Who knows! Well, just wanted to drop in for a minute, gotta get dinner finished (I actually cooked tonight) and then take Kristyn to a 1 hr volleyball practice. Hope everyone enjoys their evening!! Talk to you later!

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