Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekend Recap & Menu Monday

Hello everyone.....hope you had a great was a beautiful weekend here in Texas, after a very cold week a nice, sunny, and somewhat warm weekend was a welcome sight. However, I was not feeling good and spent most of Saturday on the couch with a sore throat and ear ache. After taking some Dayquil I felt much better and was able to go out with the hubby and some friends for dinner and dancing. We had so much fun! Sunday we just stayed around the house and did a whole lot of NOTHING!! We did manage to go to the track and run/walk. Doodle and I have decided to start to get in shape and have decided that we are going to start walking/running at least 3 times a week. Yesterday was the first day and it felt GOOD!! I have always wanted to run but hate doing it by myself, it is just too boring. Anyway, that is what our weekend consisted of....what did you do?

As for our menu this week, you will see that there are some duplicates from last week. That is because I ended up switching some days around and there were two days that we ate, here is our menu for this week....

Monday: Roast, rice, green beans & corn
Tuesday: leftovers
Wednesday: pork chops, rice/gravy, green beans
Thursday: pinto beans/sausage/rice & cornbread
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: dinner out (volleyball tournament)
Sunday: chicken/rice, mac & cheese, corn & green beans

There you have it, our menu for the week. Hope you all have a blessed week. I am off to run my errands and get to work on my "to do" list!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

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