Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap & Menu Monday

I hope everyone had a glorious finally warmed up here in Texas and Saturday and Sunday were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! After having a sick child and unbelievably cold weather here, a beautiful weekend was surely welcomed!! We didn't really do to much this weekend. I really didn't want Ryleigh getting out and having a relapse of the flu so Saturday we pretty much stayed home. I ended up going and getting my hair cut and then taking Ryleigh to my parents house to spend the night because Kristyn had a volleyball tournament yesterday and we had to be in South Houston early and I didn't want Ryleigh around all of the people. Kristyn's team did pretty good, they won 2 out of the 3 games that they played. For those unfamiliar with volleyball, 3 "sets" equal 1 "game". Each set is played to 25 points and you have to win by 2 points. If the same team wins 2 sets, then the 3rd set is not played. If the 3rd set is played, then it only goes to 15 points. Yesterday was spent at the volleyball tournament and then we went to eat with some friends, went and picked up Ryleigh and headed home to finish watching the Super Bowl. Well, Doodle watched to Super Bowl and I went and climbed in the bed because I was T-I-R-E-D!! Needless to say, I slept really good last night and both kids are at school this morning so this is starting out on a good note.

Now onto something different. I read alot of blogs on a daily basis and have some across several that do a "Menu Monday" and list the stuff that they will be having for dinner each day of the week. Well, like I said in my other post, I also do up a menu each week and thought that I would start doing "Menu Monday" on my blog each week, well, because I can and at least I know I will have one post each week. So, here goes:

Monday: Spagetti & garlic bread
Tuesday: Smothered steak, rice/gravy, green beans
Wednesday: Beef tips & rice, corn
Thursday: Fried pork chops, rice/gravy, mac & cheese, green beans
Friday: Tacos & spanish rice
Saturday: roast, rice/gravy, green beans
Sunday: left overs

As you can see, we eat alot of rice & gravy and green beans....I have a picky eater and so we usually have those with each do whatcha gotta do!

So, how was your weekend and what is on your menu?

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