Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Volleyball, Cheer, Volleyball, Cheer...story of our life!

Everyday, every week there is either a practice or a game....sometimes two practices on the same day! I know I have mentioned that Kristyn plays volleyball and she is also a cheerleader so our week is packed!! It looks like this....Monday, vb game..Tuesday, vb practice after school and cheer practice after vb...Wednesday, vb practice.....Thursday, cheer at football game...Friday, vb practice. Last Saturday and this Saturday she has volleyball tournaments. Don't get me wrong, I love that she is involved in stuff and I love that she loves what she does, but dang sometimes I wish there was a day when there was nothing going on after school.

Tomorrow is my first week weigh in at Weight Watchers...I am excited! Afterwards, Salina and I are going to go either to Gallery Furniture to look for her some new furniture or do something fun in Humble...who knows with us! In the mean time I am going to leave you with a few pictures of what else....Kristyn playing volleyball and cheering....Story of our Lives!!!

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