Saturday, October 29, 2011

What a week!!

I have had one heck of a week!! Here is a post with Weekend Recap & Wednesday Weight Watchers Weigh In with other stuff thrown in.....

First things first.....

Weekend Recap:
you all know about my fiasco with the stove. On Saturday we spent the day looking for a stove. Got that done and that evening we went down to the deerlease with some friends and ate dinner.... came home and went to bed...Sunday I spent ALL DAY washing clothes because Doodle was leaving on Monday for Montana until after the first of the year. That evening some friends and us all got together to have dinner before Doodle was soooo good! Steaks, potatoes, mixed vegetables and Sister Shubert rolls!!! YUMMY!!!!! After dinner, we came home, girls got baths and went to bed and Doodle and I packed his bags and made sure he had everything he would need. Monday, Doodle got up and left for Montana around 6:00...I got the girls up and off to school and then came back home and went back to bed since I had a terrible headache....the rest of the week was filled with the, cheer practice, football game, you know, the usual.

Now on to:

Wednesday Weight Watchers Weigh In
...I went by myself this week since my friend was not feeling to well....I weighed in at .6 lbs lighter than last week which is good. Not as much as I would have liked to lose, but loosing is always bette than I will be happy with it and hope it is better this week. One thing I have got to start doing is exercizing....I have a plan...I am going to start getting up, putting on my workout clothes, take the girls to school and come home and walk/run a mile. It is a start! This week I have not been worth anything!! The first week that Doodle is gone is always the hardest. Getting used to a new routine, not sleeping well, get the picture.

And last but not least...

New Business Venture
I have signed up to become a Thirty One Gifts Consultant!! I just got my consultant kit yesterday and I am soooo excited! I first saw the product catalog when a teacher at the school that I sub at had a catalog. Then a friend of mine had a catalog party but I was never able to get with her to look at the book. I contacted the consultant that she used and I had a book party and got over $600.00 in orders!! YEA ME!! I ended up getting $100 in free products, 2-1/2 price items and 2 hostess exclusives! I was hooked and wanted more, so I signed up! My sister is currently having a book party for me and I have a couple of other people who are going to have parties as well....I am soooo excited!

So there you have it....everything that has gone on in the last week in our household...oh, and Doodle made it to Montana on Tuesday evening...he said it is beautiful and just today a moose crossed the road in front of his hotel room...CRAZY!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend....

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